Hope Channel Malawi Launches 'M'chipululu'

Hope Channel Malawi Launches 'M'chipululu'

A Beacon of Hope in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

Fight Against Human Trafficking

Macdonald MaliroSunbird Capital Hotel, LilongweDec 13, 2023, 6:48 AM

In a significant move to combat human trafficking, Hope Channel Malawi has unveiled 'M'chipululu', a groundbreaking television and radio program designed to educate and instill hope in the hearts of many. This initiative is a collaboration between Hope Channel Malawi, the Malawian government's Homeland Security department, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Renee Jones Empowerment Center. It aims to bring hope to the vulnerable and those who are in the hands of the trafficker.

The program, set to air weekly, will serve as a platform to inform the public about the government's laws on human trafficking, and the church's stance on the issue, and provide essential prevention tips. 'M'chipululu', which translates to 'wilderness' in the local language, symbolizes the collective effort to pull individuals out of the shadows and into safety.

The launch was also a celebration of hope, marked by the melodious tunes of local musicians Jim and Wana and the poignant verses of poet Musa Ngwira, who added a layer of artistic expression to the cause. Their performances served as a reminder of the vibrant spirit of Malawi and the resilience of its people in adversity.

Esteemed guests graced the event, including Mrs. Edith Tsilizani, a board member, and Mr. Maxwell Matewere, The Principal Secretary of Homeland Security also attended, demonstrating the government's support for the initiative.

The guest of honor was Mrs Edith Tsilizani who is also the board member of the institution. In her address, she emphasized the importance of media in raising awareness and the pivotal role 'M'chipululu' will play in educating the masses. "Today is a great day; it can be a redefining moment for Malawi. Through 'M'chipululu', we aim to enlighten and empower," she stated.

Mr Maxwell Matewere, who is a goodwill ambassador for the M'chipululu program, and is also a renowned advocate against human trafficking, highlighted the program's potential to make a real difference. "Human trafficking is a complex issue that requires a multifaceted approach. 'M'chipululu' is a step in the right direction, bringing together the government, the church, and international organizations to present a united front against this global scourge," he remarked.

The program promises to be a valuable resource for the community, offering guidance, support, and a message of hope. With the combined efforts of Hope Channel Malawi and its partners, 'M'chipululu' stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in the pursuit of a world free from human trafficking.

M'chipululu is set to start airing in January 2024 and Hope Channel Malawi will soon announce its broadcast schedule.